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Recruitment is part art, part science.

If you enjoy writing, care about people and want to help them with their careers and want to geek out with us by learning what the latest software engineers are into, this is the job for you.

The job of a “sourcer” is to source candidates.

At most recruitment firms, sourcers are more like spammers. Not at Clutch. We’re raising the bar for tech recruitment and are bringing on a smart, capable Sourcer to join our small firm. You’ll develop highly targeted lists, craft compelling messages and focus on quality over quantity.


We’re a boutique agency, placing NYC’s top engineers into some of the most exciting roles at innovative startups and well-known, top tech companies.

We work with several social good companies and nonprofits, and our team also volunteers with charities that bring tech to marginalized communities.


    • You’ll recruit software engineers for some of the most exciting companies in NYC. Most of your recruitment will be done via emails that you personally craft.
    • You may not be incredibly technical now, but you will become knowledgeable on technology through our internal technical trainings.
    • You’ll engage with the tech community through online forums, and you might even do some writing for our blog.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to represent the company at tech events and regularly interact with engineers in the local community.

The typical career progression for this role is from Sourcer to Recruiter. It’s a field that can be quite lucrative (six figures) and fulfilling. We’re also open to helping to build your career in a different direction. This is an excellent entry point into the exciting tech industry.


    • You’re a responsible recent college grad, or have one or more years of full time work experience.
    • You’re located in NYC, bonus if you have some exposure to the tech field.
    • You’re smart, creative, willing to learn new technology – and you already know how to use common tools like gmail, gmail plugins (boomerang, etc), dropbox/google drive, spreadsheets, databases.
    • You’re able to buckle down and concentrate, switching between tedious tasks (researching, updating our CRM, etc) and those that require creative skills (crafting messages). You’re the type of person who will “get in the zone” and enjoy working hard.
  • You do well in a work environment that allows personal freedom. You hold yourself to your own standards of quality and hard work and don’t need close management.


    • You enjoy reading and/or writing about the tech industry.
    • You’re involved with the tech community in some way (hosting/volunteering at events, mentoring, working on projects, etc.)
    • You actively post about tech/engineering or engage with technologists on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, Github, Facebook, etc.)
    • You have a college degree. We think one of the following majors will be the best fit: journalism, English, communication, marketing, computer science, or math.
    • You’re familiar with one or more ATS or CRM systems, or Chrome productivity extensions


Drop us a brief email at with your full name in the subject line and let us know why you want to work with us (not why we should hire you). Also let us know where you read about the role. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and twitter handle, and your resume if it’s updated (not required). Also, let us know what you’d like to make in terms of compensation.

If you follow the application instructions, we promise to get back to you.

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