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This year, the Clutch team participated in Unsick Day, a company-wide day off for the purpose of making those so important but often postponed annual physicals, dentist appointments, eye check-ups, etc., and to engage in other healthful activities. Twas a day of doing all the things that make us feel healthy and rejuvenated.

Here are some of the things we got up to:

Jovena started her day with some meditation using the Headspace app and a little yoga at home (the kitty always gets involved). She mixed up her favorite green smoothie (mango, fresh ginger, parsley) and cooked some purple cauliflower. She managed to make it to a couple doctors appointments, shopped for health products, and finished off her busy day with a brand spankin new ‘do!

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Chris also had a jam-packed day! In between going to class and doing homework, he jogged a 5K, and did some yoga with the Yoga Studio app. He cooked up a “super tasty” salmon dinner, walked it off along the east river, and topped off his evening with some stress relief playtime with the cutest kitty!

chrisriver chriscat

Yiyi did some cardio and pilates in the AM (no cats involved), before heading off to get a physical. She finished her day by eating a pile of veggies, which, for die-hard meat lover, was no easy feat. She also got in some R&R time with a different cutest kitty!

yiyi1 yiyi2 yiyi3


Elizabeth spent her day outside of NYC and instead relaxed in New Hampshire. She went to a co-op that had fresh-from-cows milk (the top 1/4 inch of the bottle is the cream and “makes little fireworks in your coffee”). She then went to a King Arthur cooking class where she made stained-glass sugar cookies and hot fudge sauce (what’s not healthy about pure butter?!) and topped it off with an intense game of scrabble.

elizabeth-1 elizabeth-3 elizabeth-4 elizabeth-5

Finally, as a special Unsick Day treat to make us all feel extra healthy, Jovena prepared Wellness gift bags for everyone.


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