Our annual Unsick Day came around again, and again the full team participated! Unsick Day, traditionally on the Monday following the Thanksgiving long weekend, is a company-wide day off for the purpose of making those so important but often postponed annual physicals, dentist appointments, eye check-ups, etc., and to engage in other health-related activities. The goal is to return to work Tuesday feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

Here’s what we did!

Yiyi – As a new mom, Yiyi was experiencing some postpartum hair loss, and so decided to get a fresh new do with long layers for a volumized look. She followed that with a relaxing Tui-na massage at a local parlor. And finally rounded off the evening with an informative Infant CPR class to prepare her for the potential perils of new parenthood.


Ceren – Another new mom, Ceren snagged some much needed R&R time in Florida with her family. She went to breakfast with her son Dylan and husband Pieter, and spent a little time (kiddie)poolside soaking up the sunshine.


Jovena – This year, Jovena focused on habit-forming and planning for a healthy winter. She made a green smoothie with berries, parsley, and pea tendrils (which turned out purple/brown), and ordered vitamins. To prepare for the weeks ahead, she reset Headspace, her favorite meditation app and took some time to follow a guided meditation as well as read up on mindfulness and brain health. And finally, she booked her annual doctor’s appointments, and signed up for two workout classes.


Eric – Making good use of the full day off, Eric’s day consisted of a mix of physical outdoor activity and future planning. He first went to the gym and had a personal training session to create a workout plan. He then got a haircut and bought two pairs of sneakers (for walking and for the gym) and ate some health food at Dr. Smood. For preventative care, he went on JustWorks / Aetna to pick a dentist and got an online health consultation. He finished off the day by reading through part of a healthy eating/nutrition book.


Here’s to finishing off the year as a healthy and positive team! 🙂

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