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We had another fun and productive Technical Recruitment Knowledge Exchange happy hour this week! After some chatting over drinks and light snacks, we dove into discussion on some of the bigger challenges we face in the technical recruitment industry.

Some takeaways / suggestions from the group on various topics:

  • Improving diversity in hiring:
    • Show the candidate a path to success / career growth within the company by example (e.g. introducing them to others from a similar background during the interview process).
  • Retention:
    • Offer flexibility and understanding
    • Provide a learning / training budget
  • Increasing offer acceptance rates / getting candidates to care about equity:
    • Presenting multiple offers with different ratios of equity to salary
    • Offering RSUs instead of Options
  • High volume of recent grads / junior applicants:
    • If possible, build in mentorship / training into onboarding process and beyond
  • Increasing mid to senior candidate volume / sourcing outside the box:
    • Hosting events
    • Researching speakers and attendees at events
    • Reaching out through non-traditional channels (ex: github)
    • Other resources beyond Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. include Vettery, TopFunnel, Underdog, Hired
  • Mentoring sourcers:
    • Avoid sourcer burnout by giving varied tasks
    • Giving them control over reporting / data and empower them to influence outreach strategy
  • Choosing tools:
    • There are so many tools out there to use! Some recommended tools that came up include: Hiretual(for email addresses) and Mixmax (for templating, inbox management, scheduling follow-ups, calendar events)

We had a great time and thanks to everyone who came for joining in the discussion!

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