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I volunteered to help with this month’s NodeSchool, hosted by Gautam Arora at Conde Nast.

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As a part of the organizing team at NY JavaScript, one of our favorite workshop series is our monthly NodeSchool. This month’s event fell on St Patrick’s Day, and the offices were festively decorated. As usual, we asked our mentors to wear capes so that they could be easily identified by the group.

It worked out quite conveniently that the capes happened to be green. Even the office dog was dressed up!

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If you’re interested in participating in NodeSchool, you can find our upcoming events on the NY JavaScript calendar or on And, you can learn more about NodeSchool on the official website.

NodeSchool is an open source collection of lesson plans on Node, along with resources for hosting your own regional events. NY JavaScript stepped in to run the events for NYC when the previous NY organizers stopped actively producing workshops.

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