Men Advocating for Women in Tech

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The culture in tech will only improve with the support of men advocating for change. There are plenty of ways that men can support women in tech. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Read up! Educate yourself on the problems women encounter in the workplace. The more you know, the more you will notice things that come up in your own workplace so that you can step in. Our About page has a resource list that can help kick off your education.
  • Raise the issues. It is harder for members minority groups to bring up issues of inequality.You will want to be sure you are well versed and ready to raise the conversation in a non-confrontational way.Tips: An easy entry point into this dialog is to share factual articles that tie in business success to gender diversity. Next, introduce data on why the gender gap exists in technology. And finally, present solutions based upon successful initiatives at similar companies.
  • Invite women to key meetings and events. Know of an event of great importance to your industry or profession? Invite the women you know who can benefit from the event.Were you invited to an important meeting at work? Scan the list to be sure there were no women missed on the invite list. Let the meeting host know if they forgot someone who could provide valuable insight.
  • Become a mentor or sponsor. While I would love for every woman to have a woman mentor, that would create quite a burden on the small minority of women leaders. Step in to help at your workplace through a formal or informal mentorship. You can also help build the pipeline of future women in tech by mentoring through a program like ScriptEd { } which teaches girls and boys to code.
  • Do your share of admin work. In your workplace, do something if in meetings, women more often take on the burden of note taking. The woman taking notes is going to be too busy to participate in the conversation. You can fix this by offering to step in and take the notes, or nominating a man on the team.
  • Support women’s groups. We accept donations. We like being tweeted about. We’re open to male volunteers who can help with back-office needs. You can also engage with us online through our blog and other social media channels.

Let us know how this works out for you. And please do share tips you have for other men who want to follow in your footsteps.

Did I mention you’re awesome? You are!

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