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In July, I did an interview with Fox News about the lack of women in the software engineering field.

By my estimate, fewer than 5% of senior software engineers working at NYC tech companies and tech startups are female.

The lack of female engineers is not just a feminist or an equal pay issue, but a problem that stunts development in the tech industry. There’s a shortage of skilled engineers in the U.S., and that gap could be narrowed if more people of varying backgrounds entered the industry. Plus, diversity drives innovation, and currently, we see a serious lack of diversity in the tech industry.

The good news is, we can solve this problem. We need to put more emphasis on getting girls excited about tech and on supporting women engineers at all points in their careers.

At Clutch Talent, we evaluate the work culture of each of our clients and how they’re set up to bring engineers onto their teams. We channel the female engineers we represent toward companies that provide the right environment for them to be comfortable and to grow their careers. Sometimes, we’ll do a push to bring multiple female engineers onto a team so that they have the support from a peer joining the company with them. Our goal is to increase that 5% to develop and advance our present and future.

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