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I just completed my final game dev project with PlaycraftingNYC and am happy to report that my game is Technically Working 🙂 As a lifelong gamer, it feels pretty good to have made my very own game.

Glass Tower Ascent is a 2P-versus game written in Unity (C#) where players play as individuals in a minority class, trying to “climb” (jump up) the corporate ladder and get ahead of the competition.

Players can fire writing utensils at each other from below only, to knock down their opposition. Falling debris makes the ascent nearly as time-consuming and frustrating as actual corporate hierarchy can be.

Watch out when you reach the top!

All in all, this project took 2 weeks from conception to finish. I’m most pleased with several features that I spent hours fiddling with:

  • Cute little animated avatars that walk and jump

p2anim      p1anim

  • The jury-rigged multiplayer system. Basically, key-mapping:


  • First ever attempt at pixel art


  • And a nifty bit of camera logic (the camera pans slowly a.k.a. lerps) to the player who is further up on the y-axis (follows the lead player, so that the player who is behind feels pressure to catch up)


The game is a little ways away from being able to be released, but I’m confident that with a little more tweaking and a LOT more play-testing, it’ll get there. COMING SOON TO ITCH.IO! In the meantime, my game blog is here.

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