Embedding our team is a great solution for today’s tech hiring market. In 2020, for the first time since Clutch was founded, we are hearing of hiring managers being inundated with solid resumes. Companies with a long cash runway or strong cash flow have an unprecedented opportunity to hire the best in the industry right now. Our embedded offering is the best solution to target the absolute strongest fitting technologists in the market. 

  • All 3 of our recruiters come from an in-house talent management background.
  • We embed with your team (virtually).
  • We work directly with hiring managers to source, screen, manage, schedule, track candidates.
  • We are agile and flexible, able to mold to your needs.
  • Our experienced team will help you hire top candidates in the industry.




Clutch delivers targeted recruiting results. Based in NYC, our team specializes in recruiting experienced software engineers. Our recruiters are unusually technical and highly knowledgeable about NYC teams and trends. Our in-depth process includes the following steps:

  • Introductory call with Jovena (founder). Email to setup a call:
  • Get an agreement in place and send over job descriptions and set us up to submit to your ATS or email.
  • We will immediately begin screening candidates and sending resumes.
  • Participate in a (60-90 minute) onboarding meeting, an opportunity for our full team to dive in with your technical hiring managers.
  • We will develop a sourcing and messaging strategy and dive in to find the right people.
  • As we submit candidates, if there is feedback, we will recalibrate.
  • We help with scheduling and communication through the process to increase the ratio of accepted offers.




We are deeply engaged in the tech community and understand what engineers from underrepresented backgrounds seek in their employers. Our diversity recruiting starts with a review of your culture of inclusion.

  • Many recruiters are now claiming they can do “diversity recruiting.” We have an 8-year track record and do more than talk the talk. We proudly deliver ratio-changing results. And, we do this work with knowledge-driven sensitivity and genuine compassion.
  • The majority of our success in recruiting is through the personal networks we have built. We have built our networks by generously offering our time as volunteers and friends to a diverse community of engineers.
  • See our community page for more information on our deep engagement in diverse communities within tech.
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