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About once a month, we open our office to those looking for guidance in their engineering careers. From behavior prep for interviewing to practicing algorithm problems, Clutch Talent aims to prepare you in taking the next step towards a healthy and happy career path.

This week, a group of attendees enjoyed complimentary beer and dumplings while working together on a recursion problem out of one of our takeaway handouts. They took advantage of our in-office whiteboard to visualize the challenges of the problem, and worked alongside one another to find solutions. A whiteboard now blue, my puzzled face kept looking from the board to the answer key in my hand.

After a few moments of discussing the final solution, and a quick bite of a dumpling, one attendee noticed the answer key in my hand. Looking over the solution, he uttered, “Life can be so simple,” as he compared the group’s work to the solution in the answer packet.

A few laughs later, and the conversation picked right back up as the group continued on to the next practice problem. Meanwhile, another attendee was practicing behavioral interview techniques, guided by my coworker Eric.

At the end of the night, and four containers of dumplings later, every person who came took home a copy of our handouts, ensuring no problem was left behind.

For anyone looking for an open door into the tech community, well, our door is open.

by Alexander Horner

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