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Review of Women In Tech, by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack:

What is a word that means the exact opposite of ham-fisted? Finessed? Elegant?

Tarah’s book presents a smorgasbord of stories for and by women in tech in an elegant and conversational way. There’s no talk of your archetypical trash-talking savant haxxor chick or *cringe* the awkward bumbling wallflower girl who just wants everyone to leave her alone. This is a grown ass book for grown ass women in all stages of their tech careers – filled with positive, tangible advice.

I loved reading this because while it made me see bits of myself in some of the shared experiences, it also showed me that I am massively different from the women in the book. Everyone is. We all have our stories to share that are simultaneously relatable and unfathomable to others.

Tarah takes those aspects of people’s experiences, adds her knowledge and expertise, and distills them into concrete lessons…then encourages the hell out of you! My copy is now covered in post-its and notes on passages I will revisit throughout my career, whenever I need a little non-nonsense guidance. I’d recommend this book to anyone 😀


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