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Many of the major tech conferences happen in late spring and summer. Now is the time to put in speaker applications – or register with early bird prices and maximize your professional development budget. Keep in mind a lot of these conferences sell out quickly!

We pulled together a list (separated by tech) to help you compare conferences and make the best choices on which to attend, as well as some resources to help you write talk proposals.


Public speaking can boost your career! If you’re thinking about giving a talk this year, you might enjoy Marc Grabanski, a veteran on giving tech talks shares his retrospective on giving talks.

If you’re working up the nerves to give a talk, or want to practice part of a talk with a small audience, you might benefit from this practice workshop on giving tech talks. We’re hosting! Email us if you’d like a free spot.

Ready to put yourself out there? These guides on writing a successful conference proposal and getting your conference proposal accepted detail specific tips for writing interesting pitches, pitfalls to avoid, and a wealth of other considerations to help you come up with a polished, professional proposal.



4/2 – 4/5O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference NY – Training for software architects, engineers, and senior developers to stay current with emerging technologies and hone leadership skills.

4/18 – 4/19Facebook Developer Conference – Two days of interactive demos, announcements, best practices, sessions, and experiences featuring the new products and innovations.

4/19 – 4/20Internet of Things Summit – Learn about new technologies, develop skills and explore new tools in gathering and leveraging data for IoT.

5/15 – 5/17 – TechCrunch Disrupt NY – Less technical, more startup focused: debuting new startups, introducing new tech and discussing tech trends and innovations.

5/16 – 5/19 Google I/O – 3-day outdoor tech festival bringing local developer communities together to experience keynote, sessions, hackathons, codelabs, and demos with one another.

6/5 – 6/9WWDC Apple Developer Conference – Learn about implementing new technologies into your code, get details on building the next generation of apps, and attend talks given by industry experts and luminaries.

6/26 – 6/30QCon New York – A community-organized conference focused on architecture, security, microservices, and modern computer science.


3/28 – 3/31 PGConf US – A non-profit conference dedicated to increasing awareness and providing the appropriate training and resources to further PostgreSQL adoption.


4/18 – 4/21 Scala Days – Bringing together developers to share experiences and new ideas around creating applications with Scala and related technologies, including Akka and Play.


5/17 – 5/25PyCon – The largest annual gathering for the community that uses and develops the open-source Python programming language, featuring workshops, summits, and social events.


10/1 – 10/15JavaOne – Source of technical information and learning about Java, bringing together developers to talk about their insights, innovations, and recent developments.


7/12 – 7/15GopherCon – The Largest Go Conference in the world, attended by the Go team and community, offering full days of talks, events, & hacking.


4/20 – 4/21 RubyHack – In its inaugural year, a conference aiming to foster knowledge-sharing, innovating and career advancement within the Ruby community.

4/25 – 4/27RailsConf – The world’s largest gathering of Rails developers, brought together to further discussion and learning about building, managing, and testing Rails applications.

6/24Goruco – A single day, single track conference focused on the Ruby language.


3/28 – 3/29EmberConf – Hear from members of the Ember Core Team, top community contributors and users, and learn what to expect for the future of Ember.

July 2017 (TBD) ForwardJS – A JS conference and rally for innovation, offering workshops, lectures, and an opportunity to network with leaders in the JavaScript community.

10/25 – 10/27ReactiveConf – A gathering of ReactJS professionals, sharing unique insights and new ideas.

11/30 – 12/1dotJS – Inviting the leaders and top contributors in the  JavaScript community to explore new horizons both on the frontend and the backend

11/17 HalfStack – A one-day conference with talks on a variety of modern front-end development topics (ES6, TypeScript, React, Dojo 2, WebGL, more).

(TBA) EmpireNode – If Node is your main gig, consider this over other JavaScript conferences. This is an annual, 100% community-run conference focused on trends and workshops around Node.js.


3/30 – 3/31iOSCon 2017 –  Celebrating the latest & most topical iOS & Swift technologies and applications, with leading experts in the iOS & Swift realm to share the latest technologies, tools, ideas and practices.

7/17 – 7/19Android Developer Conference – A technical conference for professional software developers and engineers developing for the Android platform, offering development tutorials, classes and hackathons.

Big Data:

4/5 – 4/6Data Works Summit – A big data community event focused on showcasing how open source technologies enable you to drive predictive analytics, distributed deep-learning, and artificial intelligence initiatives.

5/15 – 5/17Data Summit – Brings together technical practitioners and business stakeholders to learn about the technologies and strategies for succeeding in the increasingly data-driven world.

9/25 – 9/28Strata + Hadoop World NY – Network with innovators and leaders from around the world, and learn about data case studies, proven best practices, and effective new analytic approaches.

Game Dev:

6/13 – 6/15  – E3 – Event for computer, video and mobile games and related products showcasing leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products.


Multiple dates worldwideDevOps Days – A worldwide series of technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.

4/17 – 4/20DockerCon – The community and container industry conference for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers, providing talks by practitioners, hands-on labs, and opportunities to share experiences with other virtual container enthusiasts.

6/13 – 6/14DevOpsCon – A conference covering popular topics such as infrastructure and modern lean business culture through hands-on workshops, sessions and keynotes.

5/22 – 5/24ChefConf – A Chef conference bringing together leaders, practitioners, and innovators from the DevOps community for three days of workshops.

8/28-8/31 Jenkins World – A gathering of Jenkins experts, continuous delivery thought leaders and companies offering complementary technologies for Jenkins providing opportunities for attendees to learn and help shape the future of Jenkins.


4/24 – 4/28Mobile Dev & Test – Addressing mobile development for iOS and Android as well as mobile testing, performance, design, user experience, smart technology, and security

11/13 – 11/17Agile Testing Days –  A festival for the agile community focused on deep insights in testing & agile excellence.

Date TBAGoogle Test Automation Conference – Bringing together engineers from industry and academia to discuss advances in test automation and the test engineering computer science field. It is a great opportunity to present, learn, and challenge modern testing technologies and strategies.


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