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Jovena Whatmoor comes from in-house startup background, with proven expertise in technical recruiting and growth strategies. In addition to her work at Clutch Talent, Jovena organizes the NY JavaScript meetup, helps promote the NYC Startup Job Fair and hosts events for women in tech. Before founding Clutch Talent, she was CEO of Skillfer, a recruitment agency connecting technologists with top NYC startups and providing recruitment marketing strategies to support growing tech companies. She ran Atlas Accelerator’s HR and Recruiting practice, and was employee number ten at Quirky. And, she was one of the creators of NYTechWomen.

Recruitment Marketing Manager

Yiyi Zhang is a web designer with a background in the visual arts and non-profit development. Alongside her marketing and events work with Clutch Talent and in the NYC tech community, she helps run an immigration clinic with the New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC as an attorney. In her free time, she develops virtual reality, 3D, and tabletop games with indie game studios Chaotic Formula and Questionable Intent Games, and is a freelance front end developer. She is a voracious daydreamer who regularly loses herself in Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and fantasy novels.

Tech Talent Associate, Engineering

Brittney joined us as Tech Talent Associate in September. From Benton Harbor, MI ​to Queens, NY, she dwells with her husband, son and daughter​. Brittney, a Journalism B.A. from Michigan State University (Go green! Go white!)​ has fallen in love with tech recruiting. She’s deeply passionate about diversity/inclusion in tech and plans to be an industry ​mainstay. When not “Clutching,” ​Brittney enjoys tech news​ and meetups, ​​writing​, fooding and traveling. She’s a ‘comics turned movie’ buff – Tony “Iron Man” Stark is her fav and she eagerly awaits Black Panther to hit theaters!

Tech Talent Associate, Engineering

Meri Jebirashvili is a technical recruiter with a background in client relations. Her first exposure to the world of engineering came at the World Bank, where she served as a liaison between clients and developers. Meri started her technical recruitment career at an Adtech startup at its peak hiring time, and helped the company double in size. She was also entrusted with 20 engineering interns and quickly became the intern “mom”. In her free time, she enjoys nerding out on books, film, and everything tennis.

Tech Talent Associate, Engineering

Jess is an aspiring web developer with a passion for art and travel. She is excited about modern technology in its power to evoke change and integrate different cultures. Her involvement in computer technology began in a project management role at Toomim Brothers, a cryptocoin mining facility. She’s now a recent transplant to NYC where she’s learning code and eagerly discovering all the tech events this city has to offer. She also continues to practice painting and printmaking.

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