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Jovena Whatmoor comes from in-house startup background, with proven expertise in technical recruiting and growth strategies. In addition to her work at Clutch Talent, Jovena organizes the NY JavaScript meetup, helps promote the NYC Startup Job Fair and hosts events for women in tech. Before founding Clutch Talent, she was CEO of Skillfer, a recruitment agency connecting technologists with top NYC startups and providing recruitment marketing strategies to support growing tech companies. She ran Atlas Accelerator’s HR and Recruiting practice, and was employee number ten at Quirky. And, she was one of the creators of NYTechWomen.

Senior Tech Recruiter

Ceren Nomer Depree started her career as an agency recruiter and went internal working with tech startups after a year. She recently worked at a Top Development Bootcamp coaching and placing engineers in the NYC market. Pairing her 8 years recruiting and 3 years coaching background, Ceren loves to help people find their dream jobs while helping navigate through the daunting interview processes. Outside of work, you can find her exploring Brooklyn with her Husband, Son and beloved dog Ben! She is a gamer, especially any and all card games and Super Nintendo. She also enjoys cooking, reading and watching horror films.

Recruitment Marketing Manager

Yiyi Zhang is a tech career professional with a background in web design and non-profit development. Alongside her marketing and events work with Clutch Talent, she volunteers for an immigration clinic with the New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC as an attorney. In her free time, she develops virtual reality tabletop games with indie game studio Questionable Intent Games, runs the NYC Game Makers meetup group, and is a founding member of Gumbo NYC, an indie game dev collective based in Brooklyn. She is a voracious daydreamer who regularly loses herself in Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and fantasy novels.

Tech Talent Associate, Engineering

Eric Chung is dedicated to helping people find professional and personal fulfillment through leveraging their passions and strengths. He has a background in training, management and client services, and has worked in several industries including education, healthcare and renewable energy. Eric is a certified personal coach and positive psychology practitioner. He has an intense interest in how technology impacts human well-being and social trends. In his free time, he enjoys reading about psychology and social sciences, fencing, and seeking out novel people and experiences.

Lead Researcher

Jennielyn De Francia got her start working as an online freelancer before joining the Clutch team full-time as Lead Researcher. She has a background in working as an efficient web researcher for different companies, tackling various subjects of varying degrees of difficulty. Aside from her full-time work, she is also a full-time mom on weekends to a 7-year-old. She loves to cook, eat and sleep.

Tech Talent Associate, Engineering

Alexander Horner sources candidates for clients, ensuring that deliberate steps are taken to meet each individual’s criteria in the professional world. With a background in engineering and environmental sciences, he finds commonalities between nature’s elegant programming and that of the human processes of engineering. In his free time, he enjoys writing fiction short stories, painting, and gaining useful perspective through observation and communication. Offering a helping hand is a virtue Alexander likes to display not only in the professional world, but as well as in everyday endeavors.

Tech Talent Associate, Engineering

Evan Burke is a writer, editor and proofreader with an extensive background in customer service. He has worked in a wide range of fields, from music education to renewable energy, and has a passion for learning new skills. He knows how complicated navigating the job market can be, and loves helping people find the right career. As a native New Yorker, he has a deep and abiding love for the city, and enjoys working in community gardens and following local politics. In his spare time he is a dedicated house-husband who loves cooking and baking for his family, and taking care of his two cats.

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